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Our products have been constantly bringing the change of the mindset across the research and respondents. Our team is driven by 20 years of experience in market research and business consulting together with our passion for early adopted digital platforms.

Who Are We?

iNMS is a fresh brand. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, owned by Thai and Czech well established market research agencies. iNMS puts together best of the two continents.

About Panel

We can successfully pre-target even the hard-to-reach populations thanks to the subpanels we administrate. We have the following additional information about our respondents:

Car ownership


Living conditions

Internet usage

Media consumption

Telco / Mobiles

Shopping habits


Employment and study

Leisure time

Smoking and drinking


Try our community from the respondent’s perspective


Why Us?


Of the respondents and thus of the data itself. We do not promise huge amounts of respondents, but we know everything about them, and we know that they truly are who they claim to be. 
We recruit our respondents in many ways; online and offline and when the end agency finds them unreliable, we exclude them from the community.
Last but not least, we try to approach the online panel differently, in an entertaining way. This helps us to motivate respondents to not only “go through“ with the questionnaires, but also enjoy the work and gives us their truthful opinion.


During the data collection, stemming from the experience of both “mother“ companies from the other side of the research. We know the “craft“ and can help you to acquire the data you really need.

Meaningful and better

Great ideas amongst our communities directly support charity projects which makes our environment a better place for living. In addition, the respondents can choose a charity and donate their collected points exchanged for money.

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